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Pool Rules 

 I. OPERATION (main & baby pool)

A.   The pool will be open from 11:00 am to 8:00 PM Monday-Sunday weather permitting.

B.    The pool may be closed for any reason deemed necessary by the manager, assistant manager, or acting manager on duty. Reasons include maintenance matters, sanitation or safety risks, or threatening weather conditions.

C.    Notification of any unscheduled closing will be given by posting a conspicuous notice on the office door and social media.

D.    The pool is frequently used for swim team practice between the hours of 7:00 AM and 11:00 am. The pool is not available for general member use during these hours. Schedules for swim team practice  shall be as approved by the Board of Trustees.

E.    The pool is closed to general member use during swim meets hosted by the Idle Hour Swim Team. Pool closing for swim meets shall be scheduled and posted at least two weeks in advance of the closing (except for weather caused delays). The pool shall not be scheduled for swim meets except as approved by the Board of Trustees.

F.     The pool may be closed to the general membership for large parties.  Such parties must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

H. Lounge chairs are for adults.



A.    Vehicles must be driven slowly (15MPH) and carefully on driveways and parking areas.

B.    Vehicles must be parked in designated parking places.

C.    Bicycles must be parked in the bicycle rack area. Bike locks are strongly recommended.

D.    All members and guests shall identify themselves at the reception desk before entering the pool area.

E.    Food and refreshments are not to be consumed in the pool.

F.     Alcoholic beverages are only permitted for adults 21 and over in non breakable containers (No Glass). Responsible alcohol consumption is expected from all individuals throughout the duration of your visit to Idle Hour.

G.    Tobacco use to include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless, e-cigarettes and vaping are prohibited on IHSC premises.

H.   All refuse must be placed in the containers provided.

I.      No glass containers are permitted inside the pool area.

J.     No running, pushing, wrestling or other unruly disturbance, or profane or abusive language, is permitted.  Behavior inappropriate at a family-oriented club is not permitted. Please notify the manager on duty of any violations to this rule.

K.    Under no circumstances are people to be pushed or thrown into the pool.

L.     No pets are permitted inside the fenced area.

M.    No wheeled recreational equipment, such as skateboards, skates, bicycles, scooters, and wheeled shoes (“Heelys”) are allowed inside the building or fenced area.

N.    Members and guests are not to speak with or distract on-duty lifeguards unnecessarily, or in any way interfere with their assigned guard duties. Consequences could ensue if there is a repeated issue with this.

O.    All members and guests shall give full consideration and regard to the rights and privileges of others.

P.    No one is allowed to climb on pool or  fences or in the trees.

Q. All food and beverages need to stay in the grass area and/or at the chairs. No food or beverages near the water due to health and safety reasons.


A.    Admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with a cold or cough, inflamed eyes, an infection, wearing a bandage, or having any physical condition which may be considered communicable or harmful to others.

B.    Plastic or rubber, mouth-inflated balls and sponge balls, mouth-inflated tubes, life jackets, masks, toys, goggles, flippers, webbed feet, air mattresses or other pool-appropriate paraphernalia are permitted in the large pool at the discretion of the acting manager.  Throwing games in the pool are permitted at the discretion of  the acting manager.  Throwing games are not allowed on the concrete pool deck.

C.    Baseballs, softballs, footballs, and other recreational equipment may be used on the grassy areas with permission of the acting pool manager.

D.    Only proper swimming attire shall be worn in the pool. No shorts (other than swim shorts) or underclothing will be allowed as swimming attire.

E.    All accidents, however minor, are to be reported to a lifeguard on duty or at the front desk. An incident report will be kept on file in the office.

F.    At the sound of the whistle, immediate attention shall be given to the lifeguards on duty.

G.    There will be a 15-minute period each hour during which swimmers under the age of 18 must get out of the water.  Any person aged 18 or older may swim throughout these rest periods.

H.   Only one person at a time is permitted on a diving board, or ladder to a diving board. The next person in line must wait his or her turn on the deck.

IV.  Deep Water Test

1.     Children age 12 & under are not permitted to use the deep end of the pool until they have passed a basic deep water test in the presence of a manager or guard. Deep water tests can only be taken one time per day and will be administered during the break. Deep water test will be administered each year, even if they passed the previous year to ensure safety.

2.     The deep water test consists of jumping off diving board (pencil dive or feet first), swimming the length of the lap lane without touching the bottom, wall or lane line, and treading water for 2 minutes.

3.     An adult must accompany any child wishing to take the deep water test.

J.     Children, both members and guests, 12 years and under, who have not passed the deep water test, must be accompanied at all times by a person sixteen (16) or older.

K.    Use of the Wading Pool is limited to children under four (4) years of age. Since there is no guard at the Wading Pool, children must be accompanied at all times by someone 16 years or older. No metal or rigid plastic toys are permitted in the Wading Pool.

L.     Diving is only permitted in the deep end of the pool, except during official swim meets and practices. 


A.    Guest Fees (subject to revision by the Board of Trustees)

1.     Payment of annual dues in full shall entitle full, military, or associate members, to purchase guest pass cards, good for 10 guest admissions.   There is no end-of-season refund of unused portions of the pass card. Not transferable.

2.     Full, military, and single members who have paid their annual dues in full may also purchase individual guest passes at the pool at the time of visit.

B.    Parties and other get-together's may be scheduled by full, military, or single members who have paid their annual dues in full.  All parties of 5 or more people must be scheduled with the pool manager.  The manager and the Board of Trustees have the right to restrict the sizes, dates, and times of parties in the interest of safety and the enjoyment of the pool and facilities by other pool members.

C.    Non-swimming guests or spectators may be admitted to the pool area for a $1 spectator fee. 

D.    All guests must be registered by the host member at the reception desk and accompanied by the host member for the duration of their stay.

E.    The host member is responsible to inform his or her guests of the Idle Hour Swim Club rules and regulations.  Members assume all liability for their guests.


A.    The club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. The management and the Board of Trustees are not responsible for any personal property brought to or left at the pool.

B.    The Club assumes no responsibility and members or guests can have no claim against the Club, the employees of the Club, or the Board of Trustees, for any accident, injury, or damage to any person or their property.

C.    Damage to Idle Hour Swim Club property will be charged to the responsible party 

D.    Employees of the club are bound to adhere to the foregoing rules and regulations.

E.    The pool manager or assistant manager, and lifeguards shall have the authority and duty to act in all matters of discipline and safety. Lifeguards will be courteous at all times in the administration of the pool rules and regulations. Instructions of the pool manager/assistant manager and lifeguards must be followed or disciplinary action in the form of suspension of pool privileges may result. The pool manager or assistant manager may suspend pool and recreation privileges of any adults for the remainder of the day and any non-adult for up to two weeks when violations warrant. The employees are responsible to the pool manager; the pool manager is responsible to the Board of Trustees. Violations reported by the pool manager shall be subject to action by the Board of Trustees.

F.     During swim team practice and swim lessons, certified life guard(s) must be present, and the individual in charge shall be responsible to enforce the Idle Hour Swim Club rules and regulations. Baby pool area will be closed during during morning swim team practice and morning swim lessons.

G.    No private lessons, private services, or private sales are allowed at the club except as permitted by the Board of Trustees.

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